Moving House Check List

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Removal Tips and Moving House Check List


‘Ave A Good Weekend Removals is here to help:

  • Contact ‘Ave A Good Weekend Removals to obtain an obligation free written Removal Quote
  • If moving locally you can choose either a written Hourly Rate Removal Quote or a written Fixed Rate Removal Quote.
    If you are moving interstate your removal quote will be based on your inventory.  Request a written Interstate Removal Quote.
  • Secure Your preferred move date by booking ASAP
  • Schedule and book your Professional Pre-Packing Service.
    Professional pre packing saves you valuable time and allows you to have peace of mind that your belonging are packed correctly and will arrive at your new destination safely. ‘Ave A Good Weekend Removals provide a Professional Pre Packing Service and can do as little or as much as you like, just your most delicate items or your entire home
  • Order boxes and all pre packing materials if you are doing any of the Pre Packing. Start packing ASAP.
    ‘Ave A Good Weekend Removals can guide you in the right direction regarding all your pre packing needs.
  • Pack important documents in a safe place and keep them with you during the moving process. g. birth certificates, passport, new job contacts, solicitor information, realtor information, utility company numbers, recent bank records and school records. A small suit case or brief case is preferable to a box because it is easy to carry and there is less chance it may be unintentionally packed on the truck with other boxes. This way, important documents are always nearby and in your care…
  • Book your storage if required. ‘Ave A Good Weekend Removals can help you estimate the space you will need based on your inventory
  • Arrange and book transportation of family pets
  • Arrange and book transportation of cars, boats, trailers etc. if required

Notification of your upcoming move

  • Advise friends and relatives of your move.
  • Advise your children’s school of your move and make arrangements with their new school ( Set aside school records and important information the new school may require)
  • Confirm your move out date with your current landlord or real estate agent if renting or leasing.

Your Mail is important

  • Take note of all mail received to notify each sender of your new address change
  • Contact Australia Post to organise a mail redirection to ensure all future important mail is received.

Notify the following of your change of address:

  • Australian Electoral Commission
  • Australian Taxation Office
  • Insurance Companies E.g. Home, Contents, Car, Boat, Health, Life Insurance etc
  • Local Council for rates, water, pet registration
  • Accountant
  • Solicitor
  • Childcare Facility / School / Tafe / University
  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Bank/s
  • Newsagent for newspaper delivery
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Alarm Company Monitoring
  • Licence and Car Registration authorities

Arrange Disconnection and Reconnection of Utilities

  • Contact your phone company regarding the disconnection of your landline and/or broadband services and the final billing
  • Organise a new landline phone number (if applicable) and note the date of connection
  • Schedule your gas, electricity and water meters to be read
  • Organise electricity, gas, water and other services to be connected to your new home and ready to go on the day you move in

Once you know your moving destination

  • Check that larger appliances and furniture pieces will fit in your new home.
  • Have a thorough clean out and remember the garden shed, garage, roof cavity and under the house if applicable. Only move what you intend to keep, this will save you money.
  • If time permits, consider a garage sale or donate unwanted goods to charity or friends

Moving Interstate or Long Distance

  • Collect any items outstanding such as laybys, dry cleaning, shoe repairs etc.
  • Return library books or dvd rentals
  • Return anything borrowed from neighbours
  • Cancel any regular services such as lawn mowing or pool services

Dangerous Goods

  • Dispose of dangerous goods safely. For insurance and safety reasons removalists cannot transport or store any flammable, corrosive, combustible or hazardous items.  Read more.
  • Drain fuel from lawn mower, whipper snipper and other machinery

Leading up to your removal day

  • Allow time prior to your removal day to dismantle items such as trampolines, swings, garden furniture or other items if necessary.
  • When moving white goods or electronics follow the manufactures advice and guidelines regarding safe transport.
  • Use up supplies of frozen and other perishable foods.
  • Do not pack any perishable items if moving into storage. Storage facilities will not allow perishable items to be stored within the storage units or containers to maintain effective pest control to safe guard your goods.
  • Disconnect all non-essential powered devices e.g. TV’s, Sound Systems, Stereo, DVD Player etc. Remember to remove CD’s and DVD’s prior to transportation
  • Label cords as they are removed from devices to enable easy set up when you reach your destination

Day before your removal

  • Confirm settlement and moving in time with your solicitor and advise ‘Ave A Good Weekend Removals ASAP if there are any changes.
  • Touch base with ‘Ave A Good Weekend Removals to put your mind at ease that everything is scheduled as planned.
  • Notify neighbours of the arrival time of the removal truck as a courtesy and to avoid any issues with gaining access to your property. If you do not have suitable off street parking, you can help by securing a legal parking space for the removal truck as close as possible to your home to ensure your removals efficiency.
  • Move any obstructions from walkways, driveways and access. Make it safe and efficient for your removalists to get in and out of your house.
  • Remove food and contents from fridge and freezer. Clean out, drain water hoses and wipe dry.
  • Disconnect items such as Dryer and Washing Machine. Drain hoses from washing machine.
  • Ensure you have set aside your IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS safely and personal belongings ready to travel with you
  • Pack a KEEP WITH OWNER BOX so that when you arrive at your destination so you have a few essentials. Remember to label this box clearly on top and on the sides. Suggestions include first aid kit, mobile phone charger, pen, paper, relevant contact details, snacks, drinks, paper plates, cutlery, tea, coffee, sugar, spoon, mugs, kettle, long life milk, dishwashing liquid, dishcloth, tea towel, paper towel, toiletries, toilet rolls, soap, remote controls, cabinet keys, furniture screws, bolts and castors etc. furniture assembly tools e.g. allen keys, screw drivers, shifter, torch or any other personal items you may require.
  • Double check everything is packed. Check there are no items left in the dishwasher, draws, wardrobes, cupboards, behind doors, roof cavity, garden shed etc.
  • Put together a few spare boxes for last minute belongings in the morning such as bedding towels, dirty clothes etc.
  • Get a good night sleep!!

Day of the move, before your removalist arrive

  • Ensure children and pets are not impeding the access of your removalists to maintain optimal safety standards.
  • Ensure your IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS case is in a safe place and will not be inadvertently loaded on the truck.
  • Ensure your KEEP WITH OWNER BOX is handy to add any last minute essentials to.
  • Keep your phone and keys on you to avoid misplacing them.

Arrival of Removalist

  • Greet and introduce yourself and family to the removalist team
  • Conduct a walk through with your removalist, show them all items to be moved and notify any special requirements including items not to be moved.
  • Advise your removalist if you require any items to be unloaded first at your destination. The last items to be loaded will be first to be
  • Read the removal contract and make sure your destination, contact information and details are correct and that you understand and agree with the price, terms and conditions before signing and proceeding with your move.

Before the Removalist Leaves

  • Check everything agreed to be moved has been moved. Check all areas of your home including the garage, garden and storage sheds.
  • Leave all keys and garage remotes as instructed by your solicitor or real-estate agent.


  • Pre arrange parking and access for your removalist truck and ensure access is clear for the safe and efficient delivery of your items.
  • On arrival of your removalists walk them through your new home and show them the layout; explain which room is which and provide a brief description of what goes where.
  • Give the removalist clear directions where to put each item as it is bought in from the truck.
  • Once the removal truck is unloaded check all items are accounted for.
  • Before the removalists leave, check to see if you need something re-positioned within your home, our removalist will be happy to oblige.
  • Complete delivery paperwork and finalise payment.

We look forward to welcoming you to your new home!