Moving Advice

Lets Get You Started

First things first – What you need to Get A Quote

Your removal details are crucial information in planning your move. In order to receive an accurate quote you will be asked to supply:

  • Your pick up and delivery suburbs
  • Time frame for moving
  • Most importantly if you require a fixed rate quote, what items you are moving

Interstate removal quotes are based on the volume of items you are moving so an inventory is essential

Local Removals quotes may be offered by either a fixed rate removal quote option or and hourly rate removal quote option

Getting a Written Removal Quote

Now that you have your moving details it is an easy step to obtain your removal quote. It is important when obtaining your removal quote every company is quoting on the same information about your move.


  • All of your quotes obtained are in writing
  • Include GST
  • Read your quotes carefully and lookout for hidden extra costs.
  • Click Quote for an obligation free written quote from ‘Ave A Good Weekend Removals.


Insurance is an important part of moving.

Make sure you ask about insurance:

  • Moving with ‘Ave A Good Weekend Removals every quote includes our Written No Damage Guarantee Providing this guarantee, our clients move with piece of mind knowing their valuables are in safe hands.
  • ‘Ave A Good Weekend Removals is insured for Major Perils Transit Insurance up to $100,000 and includes loading and unloading.
  • Ensure your choice of moving company is insured.

Choose, Confirm and Book your move

Have you chosen a Careful, Honest and Reliable removalist?

Confirm Details

  • Confirm Items to be moved
  • Confirm pick up and delivery address
  • Confirm pick up and delivery dates
  • Confirm hourly rate or fixed rate price
  • Once you are satisfied with your chosen removalist book your removalist.

Book your removalist early to secure your preferred Date

It is fundamental to a well planned move, that you book in your removalist as soon as you have your move date.

This is extremely important because:

  • You may have agreed settlement times with your solicitor
  • You have pre-arranged dates with your Real Estate
  • Everything else revolves around this big day
  • Smooth transition to your new premises.
  • Moving Interstate or Moving Local time frames differ.
  • Allows you to continue your planning knowing that your removalist is booked and your chosen date is secured.

Choosing ‘Ave A Good Weekend Removals

Moving with ‘Ave A Good Weekend Removals will give you the guarantee you are moving with a Careful, Honest and Reliable removalist. Backed by our Written No Damage Guarantee and over 20 years of industry experience you can rest assure that you are in safe hands.

Moving to Storage?

Having your removal company help arrange any storage will save you having to chase the right size storage required, the best price and availability. At ‘Ave A Good Weekend Removals we can arrange all aspects of your storage short and long term.

Leading up to Move Day

Your removal plan is in motion, for more help tips leading up to move day download our Removal Checklist

The Big Day

Mark and Put Aside Items You Don’t Want Loaded

These are items not going with the removalist. Conduct your preload walkthrough and advise removalist of these items.

Special Items to pack for the Kids

Get your kids to help pack a box of their “special” items, things that they’ll want to have nearby as soon as you arrive at your new home.

Ensure Access is Clear

Make it safe and easy for your removalists to get in and out of your house by removing all obstructions.

  • Move any obstructions from walkways, driveways and access.
  • Give removalist direction or information that may help with moving access.
  • Ensure pets and children are not impeding the access of your removalist.

Special Items

  • All your items are handled professionally and carefully,
  • Take a moment to show your removalists which specific items need the most special care, .
  • Point out boxes or items you would like to have unloaded first to enable them last loaded on the removal truck, ensuring first unloaded on delivery.

Arrival of Removalist

  • Greet and introduce yourself and family.
  • Conduct a walk trough with your removalist, checking paperwork.
  • Give instructions of move and ask any question you may have.
  • Understand and sign paperwork allowing removalist to conduct your move.

During your Move Day

  • Communicate with your removalist with how your removal is progressing.
  • Stay hydrated and well fed, keeping your energy up.

Before the Removalist Leaves

  • Double and triple check everything arranged to be moved has been, check all areas of your home.
  • Confirm with the driver your destination contact information and details.
  • Take down any information the driver can provide such as his contact number and confirm your delivery date.
  • Ask the driver to call you with his estimated time of arrival once known.
  • Confirm and organise payment arrangements.


  • Pre arrange parking and access for your removalist.
  • Ensure access is clear for the delivery of your items.
  • Welcome your removalist and conduct a walkthrough showing them the layout of your new home.
  • Explain where each room is and a brief description of what items go where.
  • Give the removalist clear direction with each item that comes in to where it needs to go.
  • Ensure you stay hydrated and well fed to keep your energy levels up.
  • Once the removal truck is unloaded check all items are accounted for.
  • If you need something moved around the house, ask your removalist.
  • Complete delivery paperwork and finalise payment.

Welcome to you your new home!!



If you have any questions or need further advice, please feel free to email us at, phone our office on (02) 4393 0503 or mobile 0423 598 061